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Led by Hallam Teaching School Alliance and supported by Randstad Education, you will be able to access great Maths and Physics teachers that are fully interviewed and motivated to work in England. There is no recruitment fee and your candidates benefit from a fully funded acclimatisation programme run by experts.

Working together, Heart of England Scholars and Randstad Education have developed an in-depth selection process to identify qualified maths and physics applicants that will then be presented to your school.

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Information For Schools

Hallam Teaching School Alliance and Randstad have been commissioned by the DfE to recruit a pool of qualified maths and physics teachers from America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you have a vacancy for a maths or physics teacher(s) for January 2019, register your interest by emailing stem@hallamtsa.co.uk

Randstad will screen applicants with a rigorous interview process to identify qualified maths and physics teachers. Hallam TSA will then match an international applicant to your vacancy. You decide whether to interview the applicant as part of your normal interview process (usually via Skype).

What do you need to do?
1. Pay the cost of the VISA (usually up to £600).
2. Provide a mentor for the international applicant.
3. Commit to providing appropriate CPD for the international applicant during their employment.

Click on the links below to access further information.

Stem Programme Webinar - download here

Randstad  Link - Randstad

DfE STEM international teacher recruitment programme webpage  - DfE

Service Level Agreement for Schools  - download here 

Tier 2 Visa Guidance - download here

DfE is also recruiting qualified teachers from Spain to teach modern foreign languages. For more information about Spain's Visiting Teacher programme click here.

Information for Applicants

Acclimatisation and Training Event 

In the week prior to starting at your new school you will be given a week of in-depth training. You'll be transported from the airport straight to the STEM centre in York where the training takes place. All your accommodation is paid for along with the transport there. The training is delivered by internationally renowned speakers who will help you to get to grips with the very latest maths and science pedagogy. There will be a social event during the week where you can relax. The other evenings will be free for you to explore the historic City of York.

What you might expect at interview?

The interview process is your opportunity to shine!

  • There are differences between the expectations of teachers in different countries, but most will be centred around the 2012 Teachers Standards (see below).
  • There may be scenario-type questions "What would you do if...."
  • Additionally, most teachers are expected to teach during the selection process and you may be asked to produce a video of one of your lessons.
  • There may be aspects of the role which will be new to you (being a form tutor, for example) which you can be assured employing schools will cover during the acclimatisation conference.
  • And don't forget to mention if you are a baseball coach, student counsellor or a musician and how you can contribute to the wider ethos of the school.

If you want to talk further about the nature of school interviews, please contact stem@hallamtsa.co.uk to schedule a phone call.

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If you're new to England or haven't been for a while, here are some links to tips and advice on how to get from A to B in your new home.

In England the distance between places is short relative to the countries you will be coming from.

If you are driving on English roads we suggest you study our rules which are gathered in The Highway Code. These do not cover the whole of the driving legislation, but they are a good start.

Most places are accessible by our good public transport network. If you intend to travel by train it is easy to become confused by the number of pricing options. As a rule of thumb it is usually cheaper to buy your ticket in advance.  



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Cost of Living

The cost of living for even basic items can vary between countries. There are differences in England and it is generally recognised that you get more for your money in the North, with accommodation in particular considerably cheaper than in London.

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Register your interest by emailing stem@hallamtsa.org.uk

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