Audio Feedback Project
Institute of Effective Education funded Innovation Project

This is an Institute of Effective Education (IEE)-funded Innovation Project to evaluate the effectiveness of audio feedback as opposed to written feedback. There is notoriously little research into the most effective forms of marking and feedback. Given recent technological advances, and the huge amount of time that teachers spend on this part of their jobs, we need to know what form of feedback is more effective.

We are leading this project across 7 schools in Yorkshire and Cheshire during the academic year 2017-18. The trial is focussed on sixth form Sociology and Maths and teachers will be recording feedback electronically instead of providing written feedback. We are aiming to answer the two important questions:

  • ‘Is verbal (using an audio tool) feedback, delivered over a discrete topic, more effective than written feedback in improving test outcomes in Sociology and Mathematics A level?’
  • ‘Does providing verbal (using an audio tool) feedback to students rather than written feedback have a positive impact on teacher workload?’