School Improvements

What does school improvement look like?

The answer is two part.

Firstly, pupil outcomes must be at the centre. Secondly, context is everything and the rest is down to individual circumstances and what is needed in each specific case. We have helped out a large number of schools over recent years and have capacity across our alliance to provide support across all aspects of the running of a school. There are a small number of examples below as examples of the support we have provided. If you would like to discuss support of any kind, please do contact us for an initial conversation.


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Case Studies
Anti-Racism in Education


Anti-Racism Education | Training for Schools (KS1-4) (


Facilitating conversations about race and racism in the classroom is challenging; we are here to support you. High quality anti-racism education for both staff and students is essential, and we believe that this education should be ongoing.

With this is mind, we will be hosting a free ‘Get Started’ launch event. In this session, we will introduce you to some of the core principles of anti-racism education.
Time: 4pm
Date: 29th June 2022.
This is a virtual event.

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We will also guide you through the lesson resources, providing you with the opportunity to complete some of the activities you will be leading with students. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the material, and what to do if tricky questions arise.

We are on the cusp of an important sea change regarding how we think and talk about race in society. It is not enough to ‘not be racist’; we must be actively anti-racist in our everyday lives.


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