Maths Support
Support for Failed School to School Mathematics Project

In 2015 we were contacted by the DfE and asked to take over a failed School to School Support Mathematics project. We deployed a Maths specialist who audited the needs of the department concerned. The specialist then worked with the whole department over a period of 18 months to embed a ‘regular and often’ programme of arithmetic and problem solving to Maths lessons. Our Maths specialist worked with the department to explore how this tried and tested Maths programme could be adapted to their particular circumstances, rather than simply imposing an inflexible delivery model.

The most recent OFSTED inspection dated May 2017 states 'Actions taken to improve teaching have led to improvements in mathematics since the time of the previous inspection (2015). Outcomes in mathematics are good in all year groups. Work seen in pupils’ books indicates that the most able pupils are supported with more challenging work and the least able pupils receive support that enables them to make good progress over time.' 

As a result of the good relationships that our specialist established with the department, the school concerned are now engaging with various Maths Hub activities which will lead to longer term impact. This has extended to proactive involvement of their feeder schools in Maths Hub activities.

This is a great example where the initial support has not only led to measurable improvement outcomes, but has also built capacity for further improvement.