Maths Support
Maths Support For 4 Local Schools

In 2016 we were contacted by the DfE and asked to support 4 schools in a Local Authority with Mathematics.The schools concerned were already engaging with Maths Hub activities around Teaching for Mastery and it was agreed with the DfE and the schools concerned to build a programme of support for the schools that was structured around enhancing the support provided by the existing Maths Hub activities. The intention was to both maximise the impact of the existing support and also to build leadership capacity within the departments concerned.

A Maths SLE was attached to each of the 4 departments. Each department nominated a champion who was responsible for driving the embedding of Teaching for Mastery within their department. Each SLE followed a planned programme of support activities with the champion. The first phase of support included observation and mentoring to first secure Teaching for Mastery in the everyday lessons of the champions. The second phase, currently ongoing, is providing support and coaching for the champions in leading the development and embedding of Teaching for Mastery with the rest of their departments.