Pupil Premium Review
Pupil Premium Review of a failing school

We were contacted by a school outside of our region who had recently had a ‘Requires Improvement’ OFSTED inspection.  Hallam TSA appointed a Pupil Premium Reviewer to discuss the needs of the school and to gather further information from various school documentation. A programme for an initial visit was agreed with the Senior Management Team. The Pupil Premium Reviewer spent a day at the school following up several lines of enquiry with a variety of colleagues.

The Pupil Premium Reviewer made a number of recommendations, and made a follow up visit to support the Senior Management Team in incorporating these within their school action plan.

The Pupil Premium Reviewer has remained in contact with the Headteacher with a further follow up visit planned for the autumn term.

I would just like to thank you for your input not only the review day, but yesterday to shape our plan. Your expertise and insight is hugely invaluable.

I am also very grateful for the preparation you had to undertake before our review and the kind and professional manner you approached the task.